Extra bonuses until 1st of January on BTC-ForexTrading.com

I received an e-mail some hours ago from BTC-ForexTrading.com. They offer extra bonuses for the first 3 $100-$1000 and the first 3 $1000+ investors. I must tell you that I invested another $1500 to their monthly plan.

The e-mail:

“Dear Members!

We’d like to start the next year with real high amount of trading depoit, so we created a new offer for you.
Our actual offer is:
Monthly A ($5-$500) – 10%
Monthly B ($500-$3000) – 15%
Monthly C ($3000-$10000) – 20%
The first 3 member, who invest $100-$1000 to Monthly plans will receive an extra 10% bonus,
and the first 3 who invest $1000 + to Monthly plans will receive an extra 20% bonus.
Do the math! With $1000 investment you can make $1160 profit in a month.
Invest now and receive extra earnings for the next years starting!”
This is a really good offer and don’t forget, that if you are my referral, you will receive 200% RCB, what means an extra 10% repayment from me. This is a huge investment offer for everyone, so I suggest to invest now. Don’t waste this offer!

Greg Kovacs

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