Make money with a XAPO BitCoin faucet

As you know, Bitcoin Faucet is a website, where the members have to solve a captcha to receive some satoshis in every X minutes. Everyone, who earn money in BitCoin is very happy right now. In the last some weeks the BTC price is jumped very big. It reached $1100 some days ago. It lot-lot more than a year ago.

So how can you make money in BTC?  There are many options: mining (this is a hard one), with faucets (you can claim lot of faucet Daily, and if you can promote, you can earn lot of satoshis by referring) and you can also earn with your BTC faucet.

The title of this post is “Make money with a XAPO BitCoin faucet”. The keyword is XAPO in this sentence. The XAPO faucets are very popilar, because you receive your claimed satoshi instantly and my favorite that you can spend your money from your XAPO account directly with a VISA card. Me and millions of users love to use XAPO.

Why is it good to have a XAPO BitCoin faucet? You can earn lot more advertising profit than you spend on paying satoshis to the members.

How much money you need to start? You need a domain ($1-$10) and a server (~$5). I’ll help you to choose the right provider. We can create your faucet (script, set up, support) for only $30. I suggest to place $20-$30 to your wallet to pay for the members and $50 to promote your faucet.

How much can you earn with it? With right promotion and the right setup and ad providers, you can generate hundreds of dollars profit on the 2nd-3rd week.

Check my example XAPO BitCoin faucet!




Greg Kovacs

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