Advertising packages

If you have a website what is set up to generate money for you, you can choose a promo package to receive more visitors.


I have 3 packages for you. If you set up your site with my guidance, you can choose any of them and you will earn lot more than you invest in advertising.

S package – $50

In this package, you will receive e-mail advertising to more than 100 000 random readers of our newsletter’s list. It will generate traffic, sales and clicks on your ads. We have more than 15 000 000 subscribers on our list and we’re sending random promo e-mails to them (not SCAMS, they are registrated to receive offers and advertises from us).

M package – $100

If you buy this package, we’ll send an advertising e-mail to 250 000 – 300 000 random readers. It’ll generate lot more visits and sales on your website. The extra for this package is the promotion on Facebook. Your link will be seen by thousands of Facebook users.

L package – $500

This package is the best. We’ll send out a promotional e-mail to 2 000 000 readers. But this option is not only good besause of the readers amount. The promo e-mail will send only for the members who’re interested in your niche. So this is a more targeted promotion what will make more clicks and sales on your site. The extra for this package is the promotion on Facebook, Twitter and on Google + too.

So, if you chosed the package, what will be the best for you, or you like to ask me to create a custom offer for you.

The payment methods I can accept now is BitCoin and PayPal. Contact for actual BTC prices!


bicoin accepted