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Most of the online money makers tried one of casino earning method and I’m sure, most of them are lost lot of money.
You can find tricks to earn with Black Jack, Poker or Roulette too. My favorite is Roulette.

You can read about how can you make money with the classic RED/BLACK trick (but it’s not working). Place $1 to RED or BLACK. If you lost your $1 you need to double it until you win. After you won, you change to the other and do the same.
The problem is, that if you’re not too lucky, you need to double your bets for 10-15 times. This means thousands of dollars.

I have a friend Marcus, who owns an online casino and he told me some very important infos about, how the online casinos work.

First of all, you must know that the casinos system gives a status to your account. When you’re a “starter”, the casino let you win a little to show you, it’s a good thing and you can make nice money.  After you won too much you will became a “looser” and you will not win, that much and finally you will loose your money.

So, lets see the working tricks. You can use it any online casino  on classic roulette pro. If the game don’t let to spin without bet, it’s not good for you.

First I’m gonna show you, how you can play manually.


You will only watch 3 kind of pairs: RED/BLACK, EVEN/ODD and LOW/HIGH (1-18/19-36). You need to spin the wheel and check the results after every spin and after you saw one of these types repeats 5 times, you make a $1 bet to the other.

For example: after 11, 31, 1, 23, 35, you will make a $1 bet to EVEN.

This is easy, and working in 95%. But how I wrote, the system don’t let you win forever, you I’m using a maximum bet, to not loose. I never place the 7th bet. It means that the max. I can loose is $63. You can make 60-100 bets in 15 minutes, so it’s not a huge loss. You will earn it back in that day.

Some other things you must now:

1. Don’t play too much! Play max. 10-15 minutes on roulette and max. 3 times a day.

2. Always accept the deposit bonuses! If you not accept it, you will receive a label, so you will start to loose earlier.

3. Play with other games too! I place 40-50% of my winnings to SLOT games. Sometimes I loose the half of the bets, but sometimes I win $50-$100 with them… (I like Hot Gems, Hulk, Hruit Mania, Dr. Lovemore…)

4. Stop playing after 2 losses! If you lost 2 times, close the casino for a day. Try it next day and if you lost again, you need to freeze this casino for 2-3 weeks. You can withdraw from this casino… (INFO: The casino automatically clear your status after some weeks.)

5. Never play too much! Don’t belive in winning series and never play for long time in a game where you won some money. If you win some extra dollars, be happy and close the casino. Never play more than 30 minutes in a casino.

In my playing career, I made min. $1000 with every $200-$300 investment.

You will see payment proofs/videos about how I’m making more and more profit with this method.

So, now you how can you make money with playing roulette. But if you’re not fast enough you can’t make that much, or you will miss some possibility to bet, like I did (maybe you saw these faults on the video).

You can use robots to make the bets automatically. You must know, that all the robots will lose your money without your control and limits. You must know that the robots are doing the same like I write (plus they bet on dozens and colums).

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 02 09.56

I suggest to use Roulette Bot Plus. This is fast and easy to use. Just choose a casino from the list, register and fund your account.

You must start with min. $150-$200 on each casino. Play on 3-5 casino if you have money to invest and the best if you can fund your accounts with $300-$500. I started with $150 in 3 casinos, but I wasn’t too calm that time.

Like I wrote, this robot (all of the robots) is doing the same. So don’t forget about your status. If you let the robot play without limits, be sure, that you started to play with $50 000. If you started with hundreds, use limits, because you will lose your money.

So if you use these rules, you can play with 3-4 casinos, 1-3 times a day. You will lose 1-2 times daily, but overall you’ll still win $500-$1000 daily.

If you don’t belive in yourself or in playing online casinos, just send an e-mail to me and I will help to find the way to you, how to make more money online.